Tuesday, March 6, 2012

With the new Lorax movie coming out, I'm comparing the tree's fluffy defender with a Pokemon who shares similar responsibilities.

The Lorax (above). The orange haired mustache man called the Lorax is guardian of the truffula trees. When a greedy hneed manufacturer chops down the trees, Lorax must stop him.
Official Movie Site-  www.theloraxmovie.com/

Celebi (2nd above) A tree sprite Pokemon is the defender of the forest. When a poke-poacher attacks, Celebi must stop him from destroying the forest and protect his/her new friends.
Official Movie Site- www.pokemon.com/us/pokemon.../movie-pokemon-4ever-2002/

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  1. Great comparison! Celebi looks like more fun to be around. The Lorax looks a bit grouchy -- but he certainly has his reasons!

  2. Great comparison! I agree that The Lorax looks grouchy but I kind of like that. I wonder if Celebi would be fluffy in real-life?


  3. I think Celebi looks like an onion or a leek.

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